Zomato loot get 200Rs food @10-20RS (OVER)

Today I tell you how to get 200Rs food from Zomato @10-20Rs.

Follow these steps

  1. First of all install Zomato App Link
  2. Now search restaurants in your area which offers you 45-50% off without any promo
  3. After search make your cart worth 200-210RS
  4. if 50% discounted restaurant cart will become 100-120RS
  5. Now enter Promo code HOMECOMING300
  6. After apply this promo your cart value become 10-20RS
  7. Pay with Paytm and enjoy food


  1. You can also try promo codes like UPINEW 
  2. Promo available for limited Accounts


Zomato loot
Zomato loot

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If you have any query then comment, I will try to reply as soon as possible

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